A friend found this shirt at a thrift store for me. I was grateful because my grandmother was a big Cincinnati Bengals fan (friend knew that). If you asked, “What you doing Grandma?”  She’d usually respond, “Watching my Bengals.” (If you didn’t know, the team belonged to Wanda Chambers).

So the shirt has some sentimental value even though it was a thrift find. My grandmother would have loved it. So while fashion is a form of creative expression for me,  it also has its emotional value. My grandmother gifted me with most of the jewelry I wear day to day. I encourage you to find those elements in your art that bring value, no matter how big or small. See the full outfit details below:

Photos by Brianna Fee

Outfit Details

   T Shirt- Buffalo Exchange

Skirt- Zara

Shoes- Public Desire

IG: @myahjay