If you don’t do anything for your closet this summer, you must at least make sure you have a dependable and classic pair of white sneakers. White sneakers are clean and add a chic or casual element to a summer ensemble. They’re the essentials to building a full wardrobe. Here are 5 sneakers to inspire your decisions.




1.  Reebok Classics

When I was in the 3rd grade I owned at least 3 pairs of Reeboks. My best friend and I referred to ourselves as the “Reebok Queens,” corny I know. But my elementary favorites have made a huge come back and they’ll work with any casual look.



2.  Stan Smiths

You had to know Stan’s Smith’s would be on this list. They’re a fashion favorite and justifiably so. Stan Smith’s work with anything. I love them because although they are a sneaker, you can pull these off for a casual-formal look.



3.  Jack Purcell

Jack Purcell’s are classics, but all too often are slept on. You may opt for a white Chuck Taylor, but if you’re looking for a similar statement with a little more individuality, Jack Purcell’s are the perfect white sneaker for you this summer.


4. Gazelle Cutout

For my true fashion lovers, these Gazelle’s Cutouts are a nice fit. Not only would they work for a casual and casual formal look; they make a style statement. So if a plain white sneaker is too plain for you, the intricate design will give you that interesting element you need.


5.  Saucony Grid 8500

Similar to the Reebok Classic but the design of these Sauconys are slightly more sporty. Depending on your Reebok loyalty and idea of comfortability, it may just be a matter of preference. I’d say if you’re not for the vintage hype but love the concept, the Saucony Grid 8500s should be yours.