You ever been so attached to someone that you feel you cannot go a day without seeing or being around them? Together you isolate yourselves from the world or you find that other important relationships in your life suffer because you’re giving your all to that one person, maybe even so much that you forget about yourself, your own aspirations and goals in life. If  you can relate or understand these feelings you may have or are experiencing a soul tie.

Soul Tie is a biblical concept that should be taken very seriously. We all have experienced it (well most of us). Soul tie is when your soul is tied to another soul, through an emotional and or sexual bond. This type of soul tie can be very dangerous when operating outside of marriage.

You know you have a Soul Tie when you spend time with someone excessively or have a sexual relationship outside of marriage. A Soul Tie can be deceiving because it can make you believe you are in love when really you are in lust (not just sex but in lust of the attributes of someone and how they make you look/feel). And because your souls are tied together, when that person is not around you or you go through a break up, you feel empty and a strong longing for their presence. This is the reason why many men and women stay in toxic relationships. They rather feel “complete” and be mistreated than hurt for a season and move on. Ultimately this type of relationship is distracting and instead of bringing you more into yourself, you find that you rely more on your partner than you do God.

It all boils down to worth and fulfillment. First off ladies and gentlemen, know your worth. You wouldn’t give your bodies away or put up with mistreatment if you understood that God sees us all as Kings and Queens. Also stop looking to fill voids through sex and companionship. Yes these are all natural desires that God gave us but when operating outside of His will for your life, it can end in destruction.  Take it from  me I am on this journey of growth and transformation, but I still make mistakes. We all are in need of His grace, so I speak to myself as well when I say save yourself the hurt and drama and wait for the one that God created just for you, and you will experience the true love and joy of a relationship.

written by Demyah Jackson

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