Talent Agent Victorya Wagner, also known as The Talent Booker, Queen of all Cards and Founder of Kevlar Rose Agency is shaking up the entertainment industry one booking at a time. We got to sit with the brilliant Victorya and learn all her super powers. Read the full interview on THE ZEAL.

TZ: We alway like to start with getting to you your background. Tell us a little of your story. What was your upbringing like?

Victorya: Oh, I could talk about this for hours — I’m just a queer girl born in Oakland and raised in Atlanta. I was surrounded by artists and old folks who spoke in southern syllogism. Growing up I was called a Barbie because I enjoyed being helpful to everyone and just being the ultimate valley girl (laughs). I was the dancer and creative doer in the family who cared about animals with a green thumb. I grew up in the church and thank god I did.

TZ: What did you want to be as a kid?

Victorya: A Veterinarian – I volunteered at Atlanta and San Francisco Animal Shelters a lot.

TZ: When did you know you wanted to work in the fashion industry?

Victorya: Around 7, I loved telling my family what they were going to wear to work, playing with color design for nails and interior, and always planned the back to school runway shows and designing home floor plans on grid paper.

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