Topshop Hires New Creative Director in Everchanging Retail Industry


Topshop new creative director

Soon you’ll find shopping at Topshop is a different experience. According to Vogue, as of Sept.4,  Topshop will hire new creative director, David Hagglund. He will leave his creative agency based in Sweden to bring a new sense of direction for the brand. Those who are stepping down from their current positions, Kate Phelan and Gordon Richardson, are making this all possible.

Gordon Richardson, is the current creative director for Topman,  worked with the retailer for the last 16 years. Business of Fashion reports, Phelan, whose role at Topshop was the co-creative director for six years is returning to British Vogue.

Hagglund has a colorful portfolio of clientele, reports Vogue– from Hugo Boss, H&M to art director at Vogue Paris, and more recently managing director at Storakers McCann.

Alongside Hagglund, Topshop’s new CEO, Paul Price, will also join the team in September. Price is the chief merchandising officer at Burberry HQ will leave after a decade with the luxury brand. Sir Phillip Green, who is the head of Arcadia Group, is excited and ready for the start date of his newest team members. He states, “I believe Paul will be a great catalyst in leading the next phase of Topshop/Topman global expansion,” according to the Guardian.

There are a few stores already set to open soon around the world: Italy, Japan, Aruba and Sweden just to name a few. Could these new additions to the Topshop team mean more openings in the U.S? I hope so! Please, Sir Green we need another one in Atlanta, one is just is not enough.

Retail is changing fast, and we’re excited to see what innovative ways Topshop’s new creative director will bring to offset any negative impact these changes may have in the company. What would you like to see in the Topshop stores?