This past week has been a busy one for music lovers everywhere. With the long-awaited returns of some of our favorite artists, there was an almost overwhelming amount of music to listen to. Overwhelming in the best way of course. From Tyler the Creator to Justine Skye there was a wide range of sounds that all people could connect with. H.E.R. popped out with her debut album complete with an accompanying short film and many unexpected collaborations, showcasing the extent of her musical capabilities in various genres. Doja Cat has also delivered some otherworldly visuals and songs in her second studio album Planet Her. 

Whether it be a single or an album our faves were showing out and we love to see it!

 If you are anything like me, listening to one of your favorite artists’ new projects is a real event. And taking the time to analyze the music is important to developing a connection with the song. But, with so much music dropping it can become a task to listen to all of it and digest all of the songs. So we’ve put together a new music playlist with some of our favorite songs from last week’s newly released projects to return what was once and overwhelming to its former relaxing glory.

Our new music playlist is just a hint of the full projects that dropped last week. Hopefully this was a good place to start before you check out all of the new releases.