Fall/Winter Editorial 2018

The ignominy to maintain curly-kinky tresses began decades ago and has manifested in the 21st century in micro-degressive patterns.  There is an overpowering  pressure to disguise the methodology behind our black crowns. Satin-silk bonnets and scarves, duck-clips, bobby-pins and flexi-rods are prohibited beyond our bedrooms or risk judgement of being ghetto. We fail to realize the gentle details required to care for black hair is a part of black culture and deserves to be illuminated.

Big colorful foam rods weaved into thick kinky hair to form full spiral curls. Tight bantu knots work double to protect delicate ends and once unraveled, releases a textured fro. Bobby pins secure bouncy pin curls and oversized rollers. Silver duck clips, keep the roots of long  locks secure during a re-twist.

The process is so lovely, so exquisite, so honorable– its where, heritage is introduced to art, blends with power and collides with royalty.

Photos by Christian Cody

Models: JuNé LeJoí, Raven Shields Wallace, Asiya Lowe, Emari Dyer Creative Director: Courtney Vaughn Stylist: Fatiyha Johnson MUA: Asia Desirae  Akech Allolding Seamtreess: Corinea Austin  Set Assistant: Kathleen Osorio

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