Purpose is something we all search for whether we realize it or not. The life we lead as individuals and choices we make are all based on our connection to who we are or a lack thereof. I’m 21 years old, and I still have a lot to learn about myself and this life, but Thank God that I’ve made it this far.

Growing up I lacked a lot of confidence and self worth, and it is something I still struggle with today. It wasn’t until I grew closer to Christ that I began to see value in who I am as a woman. When you recognize your value, whether you’re a man or a woman, you don’t tolerate negative treatment or won’t participate in certain behaviors because you understand your worth. You don’t think you’re better than anyone else, but you hold yourself up to a higher standard of living, and you only want to encourage others to do the same just by being an example. There are different circumstances in our journeys that cause us to lose sight of who we are– from romantic relationships, abuse of any kind, negative influence, others’ opinions, life’s disappoinments etc.

When  you realize your purpose on earth you begin to love yourself more, and with that security, you no longer rely on external validation, but you know you are talented,  you know you are beautiful, you know you are intelligent, not just because others said so, but because you are already affirmed in that truth. You are simply not defined by your circumstances.

So how do you find your purpose? It is a combination of knowing your values, your God-given talents and learning how you can use those talents to serve others as it correlates to your own values. Martin Luther King, Oprah and Lauryn Hill are great examples, three different industries of work– all very impactful.

Martin Luther King, was a great speaker with a lot of wisdom. He valued equality, love, justice and unity for our nation. So what did he do? He spoke about it and people listened because he was operating in his God given talent. As a result, he is remembered not only for one of the greatest speeches in history, “I Have A Dream,” but he’s known for the values that he fought for– equality, love, unity etc. Oprah, another one of my favorites also leads a life of purpose. She’s a woman of many talents and in one interview she states her purpose is “To help connect people to themselves and the higher ideas of consciousness. ” She used her gifting to speak, write, produce and niche for entrepreneurship to raise awareness on the issues and politics in life that are important to her, consequently she is well know for her philanthropy and business initiatives, and yes of course, her wealth. And finally Lauryn Hill, a talented musician and singer, writer and lyricists. She values self worth and expression, creativity, culture and love. She uses her gifting to express her own beliefs, values and world views. Her music  is timeless and touched and continues to touch generations of people.

The Zeal Life is the start of me pursuing my purpose. I have a gift to write and I love the world of fashion and art. Empathy, creativity, leadership, self- worth and purpose are just a few of my values, so through my writing and creative expression, these subjects will act as motifs throughout the blog.  Putting yourself out there and starting “that thing” that you’ve been itching to do is never an easy task, but I encourage you to spend time with yourself, pray, meditate, read, rid yourself of distraction and get to know who you are. Ask yourself,” What am I great at? What do I value?” And go for it. You don’t want to leave this planet wondering, “What if” or “I wish I would’ve.” As long as you still have breath in your body, it is not too late to do what you know you are called to do.


written by Demyah Jackson