Street style has a beautiful way of speaking narratives to cities through style staples and patterns of expression. While trends in fashion tend to circulate globally, their’s a story to tell in the way the trends are configured or otherwise rebelled against. Here are some of the most inspiring street style looks around the world.



Seoul, is my favorite place for street style inspiration because of how consistent and rich the styles are in this city. The people here play with casual textiles and prints: denim, camouflage, leather etc. and take traditional formal wear like tuxedo jackets and dress them down. The styles here are edgy and boyish, oversized pieces and invisible silhouettes. And while the overarching trend is comfort, fashion doers here take risks. Flamboyant hair, unusual pairs of textures and vibrant prints make up this often overlooked fashion capital.



London street style this fall 2017 gave us a little bit of everything. But compared to most cities the fashion leaders here have structured-cleaned outfit combinations. The colors are typically dark or muted and when  color is used, it is subtle. London is a tailored city, suit pants with color-blocked patterns and long silhouettes that give long lean impressions. If you’re looking for casual formal style inspiration look to the streets of London.



When we think of Tokyo fashion most people think of Harajuku inspired style or over the top costume ensembles. And while this style is still prevalent in Japan, the fashion here has evolved from the Harajuku  mode. Tokyo styles play up on school girl and boy looks. Plaid trousers and jackets, high collars in forms of turtle and pleated necks. The shoes are high, but in uniformed school appropriate fashion, think big Doc Martens and chunky oxford heels. Tokyo streets are fresh and always youthful. If you’re looking for the fine line between cute- innocent  and rock and roll bad, Tokyo is the fashion district you’re looking for.


New York

New York is truly a melting pot of culture– the ultimate representation of global diversity. And the fashion is no different. As you skim the streets of New York, you can find almost every fashion capital represented. The individualism is what makes up this fashion community. What is trending in this city, however is the political protest through fashion. Bedazzled jackets that scream human rights, graphic tees paired with loud faux fur coats that speak on self love, groups of women dressed in casual shirts that demand immigrant and women rights. So while New York is the melting pot of every fashion you can name, it is truly the voice of America and a snapshot of the diversity.



Stockholm is a city of beauty and overcast, but what I love most is it’s attitude. The fashionistas that walk these streets are confident. They wear shades with no sun and no shame and printed faux fur coats and oversized bubble jackets are a sure trend during the brisk winter months. The city is alive with prints, one piece suits and a stellar European demeanor. Stockholm is the perfect source for sophisticated casual look inspiration.

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