Sunday School Creative, a Toronto based creative direction agency collaborated with model and braider Helena Koudou to present The Hair Appointment. The short film simultaneously highlights the beauty of natural hair and the commonalities of Hair Salon culture across the globe.

Originally inspired by Helena’s @slayedinbraids account. The series is a snapshot of culture and art. The project is a short film and a traveling exhibition (details on Helena just wants “people to know that having braids in the workplace, or wherever they go, is okay. I want people to continue to embrace their hair and continue to teach the younger generation that braids and natural hair is just as beautiful—don’t let society tell you otherwise.”

Art that pushes representation and shares the stories of under-represented is worth celebrating and so important. Take a look at the short film and a few strong images from the series.

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Feature image by Jeremy Rodney Hall @sadboyrodney