The Benefits of Dating

Whether you’re hitting the town with your friends or you all are staying in for a game night, you’re bound to run into somebody who will spark your interest. Dating is beneficial to finding your future spouse, helping you grow as a person and building friendships, (granted everything ended mutually.) There are different definitions of the word dating, millennials often say “talking” to someone, but in all, it is the process of getting to know someone on a more intimate level. Here are 5 benefits of dating to consider:

1. Understand What You Won’t Tolerate

We each have values and beliefs that we stand for. Having similar beliefs isn’t necessary for some but it can be helpful in a relationship. One of the benefits of dating is that it can help you realize what you will or will not tolerate in a relationship. Standing your ground on your beliefs while dating is important, it will show your potential partner who you are and where you won’t bend the rules.

Compromising on a serious matter should happen when the relationship is more serious, otherwise, you might feel guilty or upset with yourself for going against your beliefs. Voice your opinions on what you stand for. Don’t keep quiet just because you like the person; your happiness is important as well.


2. Learn More About Yourself  & What You Enjoy

Maybe you like one-on-one dates or group dates might be more up your alley. There is only one way to figure this out, get out there!  Going out can show you the kind of dates you enjoy and the activities you would never try again. Everyone has a wide range of activities  they love, and when you’re talking to someone, they can share that with you.

You’re opened up to a new world of knowledge. Again, expressing your feelings before a date you know you won’t enjoy is crucial! You would be setting yourself up for failure otherwise. I learned the hard way; against my better knowledge I went on a date I thought I could enjoy, but I was surely mistaken. I was dying to leave the whole time, so speak up!


3. Bring Awareness To Your Weak Traits

Have you ever dated someone and they pointed out  a character trait you weren’t aware of or thought you resolved? Don’t fret, this can be a good thing! Another benefit of dating is your partner bringing to light issues you might need to work on. You should see it as an area of improvement versus judgment.

A character flaw one might improve on is being too closed off. This trait would need time and trust to improve but in the end, benefit both partners. I think it’s always best to try and work on any serious issues before dating, because you shouldn’t be in a relationship when you aren’t at your best?


5.  Boost Your Confidence 

Dating is also a great way to boost your self-confidence. I’m not saying date someone just to make yourself feel better, but everyone has those days when they aren’t feeling 100%, or they need a little pep talk. Who better than the person you’re romantically involved with to make you feel a little extra special.

As important as dating can be, being by yourself is just as significant don’t forget that, so while the benefits of dating are important, your time alone is as well. Find someone who celebrates you and gives you their trust and respect. For more inspiring content, check out these posts.