Shea Moisture African Black Soap Line


I’ve had a love-hate relationship with African Black Soap as it has always been too harsh on my skin. For that reason, I was hesitant to try Shea Moisture African Black Soap Line. I have Seborrheic Dermatitis which causes my scalp to become very itchy and flaky. It also affects my hairline, leaving red itchy patches on my crown and if not careful it can spread to my forehead and chin. Yes, it is as frustrating as it sounds. On top of that I have acne-prone skin, oily skin and skin prone to dark spots and scars! I have a lot going on.

Although apprehensive Shea moisture products have been good to me in the past, so I went for it, purchasing the African Black Soap Mud mask and the African Black soap shampoo, here’s what I found:


African Black Soap Mud Mask

I absolutely loved the consistency and how smooth the product is, it also has a clean muddy smell that screams natural. The application is easy. It wasn’t sticky or watery, which is common for some mud mask. I leave on for about 10-15 minutes and then rinse with warm water and follow up with a toner. I found that the Mud mask is not aggressive, but helps control oily skin the following day and hydrates the skin, so it doesn’t strip it of its healthy oils. This is a great trait for a product to have if you have sensitive skin. You don’t want it to irritate the skin and cause a reaction, but you also want it to be aggressive in problem areas. Depending on how severe your acne, would determine if I’d recommend this product to you. If you have light to moderate acne, absolutely this will work wonders on your skin. For more severe cases, you may not get the results you’re looking for. I use the mask 2-3 times a week (I get really oily) it is gentle enough to use as frequently as you need it. The key is to pay attention to your skin.


African Black Soap Shampoo


My scalp has issues. An after of shampooing, my scalp would begin to flake. It was so bad I’ve had to use prescription shampoo. The medicine in those shampoos is so harsh to hair. It strips all the natural oils leaving it feeling coarse and dry, so for me, I’m looking for a shampoo that will keep my scalp itch and flake free, but will not leave my coils dry. The shampoo works okay for me. After my first use, My braiding lady commented asking what shampoo I used because she noticed a difference and of course I told her the African Black Soap Shampoo. My only concern for me is it does not last long enough to maintain a fresh scalp. If you have more clinical issues with your scalp, I’d give the shampoo a try. But I haven’t had long-term success. It is and will continue to be my go-to shampoo, as I haven’t come across anything as aggressive that isn’t prescribed.


African Black Soap Elixir

I’ve also used the elixir from this line. In between washes, when my scalp needs a quick refresh I typically would mix a tea tree oil and water solution to soothe my scalp, but having an over the counter product with other properties, drew me to this line and since I’ve had good results with the other product, I figure I shoot my shot with the elixir. I have to say, I did not like the elixir as much. It left my scalp itchier and more irritated. I wouldn’t reccomed for those with clinical scalp issues, but  I’m sure is great for those who just need a little itch relief.