It’s the start of March is the month. The first quarter of the year has closed and hopefully you’re continuing to set pure intentions. This month try working on setting boundaries out of love. Say your affirmations in the morning and before you go to sleep.

Self- Love Affirmations for Black Girls

1. I release the need to control what others think of me.

2. I stand confidently in my truths and values.

3. I accept that others do not see the world through my lens.

4. I let go of what no longer serves me.

5. I can say no without fear or guilt.

6. I cannot control the reactions of others.

7. Those who love me are not threatened by my boundaries.

8. I can honor my emotions while not identifying with them.

9. I accept the boundaries of others.

10. My Boundaries are non-negotiable

Photo by De’Andre Bush

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