Sephora is upping their game as a beauty retailer this fall, by adding new brands to their roster. *Drum roll please* Fenty Beauty, ColourPop, and Kiehl’s are joining the Sephora family this fall, if not already, in a store near you. As fun, as online shopping can be there is just something about feeling the product in between your fingers that give you a different experience when buying beauty products. For starters, you can save some cash by sampling the product to see if the color looks well against your skin tone, and you also can ask associates for advice on certain products and not waste time debating whether or not to buy it.

1.Fenty Beauty



If you haven’t heard by now, Rihanna launched her makeup line on September 8th, and the world is raving about it. Her collection features everything from foundation, blotting paper, to even a universal lipgloss shade that claims to flatter everyone. The internet is having a field day with her wide range of color options her foundation offers. It caters to many skin tones especially women of color. By adding a few extra shades to the deeper side of the color spectrum, it gives more women the opportunity of finding an exact match– proving to the makeup industry that there needs to be a wider range of colors when it comes to foundation. Her price range is the next best thing in the makeup line, with the most expensive product being just $54, it makes us love Rihanna even more. The most popular product of the line… is the whole collection to be quite frank! I hope Rihanna’s line continues to be as fearless as her fashion.


2. ColourPop

Another widely popular internet makeup brand is ColourPop, and yes the brand is just as fun as the name sounds. The line launched just three years ago in L.A., and it has taken the internet by storm. Everyone from YouTubers to professional make-up artists love and use their products. The line has a smaller collection with just eyeshadows, lip products, and even nail polish, but don’t let that fool you. ColourPop is still just a baby in the makeup world and is growing steadily. Why is this brand so popular especially amongst millennials? It’s price range! (My credit card is screaming hallelujah from the back row!) With most of the line being less than $20, it might just be the most affordable brand at Sephora. With these low prices you aren’t giving up quality either, each eyeshadow and matte lipstick are extremely pigmented. There is also a possibility of new products once they launch with Sephora. Let’s hope it does happen!

3. Kiehl’s

Without good skin care, you can’t have a beautiful canvas for your makeup! The last beauty product coming to Sephora’s shelves is the skincare brand Kiehl’s Since 1851. Kiehl’s has been around much longer than the other two brands previously mentioned, and it has set the bar for skin care products. Starting in 1851 as a homeopathic pharmacy store in New York it has survived the ever-changing retail market to bring us the brand we know today. The brand features products for men and women, from skin care all the way to hair care. The most popular products include Midnight Recovery Concentrate and their Creamy Eye Treatment with Avocado. Now, Kiehl’sprice range is going to be a tad bit on the luxury side with their most expensive product being $82. Although you might cringe a little when purchasing said luxury items, remember there are only great benefits to skin care. You only have one body, so we must take good care of it. Now, if your excitement from this post is too overwhelming and you cannot wait until fall, both Kielh’s and FentyBeauty are available online. Right now. You’re welcome.