February is the month of love, and we know you can’t give what you don’t have, so let’s take care of ourselves today and everyday and carry these self-love affirmations with us throughout the month. Say your affirmations in the morning and before you go to sleep.

Self- Love Affirmations for Black Girls

1. My Boundaries are Not Negotiable

2. I am Unconditionally Loved

3. I Give Myself Permission To Make Mistakes

4. I Am Enough Right Now, Nothing More Nothing Less

5. I Forgive Myself for The Times I Didn’t Honor My Feelings

6. I Belong In Every Room I’m In

7. Showing Up As Me Is Always Enough

8. I’m Worthy Because Of Who I am Not What I Accomplish

9. I Embody Both Power and Gentleness

10. I Am My Ancestors Wildest Dreams

Photo by Jessica Felicio

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