Academy Award winning Costume Designer Ruth E. Carter has taken us through history with her costume designs for films such as Roots, she has literally put us in the shoes of leaders and entertainers in vivid biopics like Malcolm X and Selma. And has given us an alternative universe— exploring the African diaspora and futurism in Black Panther.

Her designs over the decades are raw, honest and breathe life into Black culture’s greatest influences— both fictional characters and grand leaders. If you’re in Atlanta you now can experience the brilliance and power that is Ruth E. Carter,  as her work is showing at the SCADFash Museum, “Afrofuturism in Costume Design,” now through Sunday, September 12th.”

You must see the exhibit for yourself, as it is intimate, nostalgic even and teaches us firsthand, costume design is the heartbeat of any great production, and that Ruth E. Carter is the greatest costume designer to date. Here is a glimpse into what to expect:

Black Panther

Dolemite is My Name

Chi- Raq


Malcolm X


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