Black people have been sold that our hair doesn’t grow and it’s simply not true, but we do have to approach hair growth as an individualized journey and when it comes to growing or re-growing strong, healthy hair you always want to begin with the inside out. If your hair is not growing at all or you are experiencing extreme hair breakage and unable to retain length, you may have vitamin deficiencies. The major vitamin you need to combat issues related to hair health is Biotin. You’ll notice when shopping for vitamins, Biotin is the key element in all hair supplements. Choosing the best hair supplement to promote natural hair growth can be overwhelming read on to learn more and always consult a doctor before starting any new supplements.

Everything You Should Know About Biotin  

 When choosing the best hair supplement, you’ll want to first ensure it has the appropriate Biotin dosage for your needs. The National Institute of Health recommends at least 30 micrograms or 3 milligrams.If you are vitamin deficient, selecting the best dosage for you is based on physician recommendation. Most people go for the highest quantity and don’t understand why their hair isn’t growing healthier. Contrary to popular belief the higher the dosage does not necessarily equate to faster results. As a matter of fact, if you consume more Biotin then your body needs, it will pass when you go to use the bathroom.  Instead opt for a hair supplement that is has at least 3-5 milligrams (3,000-5,000 mcg) and rich in other minerals to support your overall health.  Here are 3 mega nutrients to pair with Biotin: 

  1. Vitamin C supports collagen protein in the hair to maintain elasticity and shine. 
  1. Zinc works to keep the oil glands surrounding the hair follicle strong. 
  1. B12 pairs with Biotin, promotes hair growth by sending oxygen rich red blood cells to the hair follicle. 

Maintaining a Hair Care Routine 

Having great hair supplements is not useful if you are not caring for your hair daily.  Ensure you have a consistent shampoo and condition regimen. The key to hair growth is retention. Look for shampoos that cater to your hair texture and concerns. Use a clarifying shampoo if you struggle with itchy scalp and dandruff. Otherwise opt for shampoos that are cleansing but will not strip your hair and leave it dry and brittle. Remember the goal is to retain your tresses.  

Massaging your scalp with hair oils is another way to promote hair growth. Here are 5 key oils to add to your haircare regime:   

  1. Jojoba Oil in infused with Vitamin B, C and E and locks in oil to retain moisture. 
  1. Coconut Oil contains fatty acids that nourishes the scalp and hydrates the hair.  
  1. Peppermint Oil is a great oil to stimulate circulation in the hair follicle and promote growth. 
  1. Castor Oil is made of castor seeds and are scientifically proven to stimulate the scalp, best if massaged in the hair.  
  1. Grapeseed Oil is high in linoleic acid and great way to prevent hair loss and baldness. 

Trial and error is key when trying new products and supplements. What works for one may not work for another, but above it all be patient, natural hair is truly a journey.

Photo by Leighann Blackwood

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