The power of positively speaking life upon your daily thoughts, to alleviate stress and improve your overall well-being.


Affirmations are statements carrying the weight of intention on their shoulders. They’re rituals that stand firm in their ground, radiating a type of faith that can’t be broken. They keep my thoughts in check and reassure me how resilient I am through non-stop encouragement.  

Affirmations serve the purpose of helping defeat negativity from overpowering our confidence. It allows us to walk into a rooms with our heads held high, without letting doubt sabotage the love we have for ourselves.       

As a Black woman, I’ve experienced getting lost trying to navigate myself through this unjust world. I’ve dealt with the gender and race challenges that this society presents to me and my fellow sisters. Through my constant unlearning and eagerness to have a sense of who I am, I overcame by choosing to not accept the hold society tried have on me. Thanks to starting my days with prayer, meditation and daily affirmations, my mental stability shifted. I soon understood that I’m not broken, society is. If this world won’t protect, I will shield myself with my very own love.

One of my favorite forms of self love, is speaking life into everything that is within me or in reach. I find peace in knowing that all of my biggest successes and dreams are due to my faith overpowering fear. My belief and understanding that the power of the tongue is real, and my strength and potential are so far beyond me, especially when my source is God.

Without a doubt, self love is the best love! It’s a long everlasting journey that resides within ourselves and definitely worth the ride. If you’re constantly seeking growth like myself, you’ll use affirmations to affirm yourself to constantly be in positions that lead you to eternal self discovery. 

Below is a list of affirmations that we should all be repeating as many times as needed throughout the day. Each of these positive mantras will help you attract what belongs and maintain the course of your own flow! 

Thank You.

Gratitude is one of the many keys to living in the present moment; the only moment that truly matters. A simple Thank You in every circumstance, including good and bad, allows us to make the space mentally and physically to receive. Often times when things don’t turn out in ways we’d hope it did, we miss out on our lesson being taught to us by the most high. And that lesson can too be the biggest blessing we were praying for. I know y’all heard of the saying God shows up in mysterious ways. Expressing grace and gratitude opens us up to seeing the bigger picture by re-centering us in order to live a peaceful life. It’s one of the first things that we should do the moment we wake up because every day isn’t promised, yet God gifts us the opportunity. So God, thank you for allowing me to experience this new day, this new season.

My Abundance Stems From Within

I recently wrote in my journal that as Black woman, I pride myself on being able to say that I don’t have to search outside of Brandi to find Brandi. Nothing externally based has the capacity to define me, simply because I’m not of this world. It’s in me, not on me. With that being said, abundance always comes to light once you start embracing every aspect of yourself. Abundance is nothing that we have to create nor search for, because we were born abundant. We were each uniquely created to set and fulfill our own standards. Please don’t walk around this world allowing society to define who you are. You are enough because you say you are enough, Most importantly, you are enough for yourself. The smile that comes with my happiness is caused by me because everyday I affirm that my abundance comes from within

 I Choose Faith Over Fear


Yes, in all caps because I can not stress this enough!

I will continue to scream this to the very top of my lungs, sounding like a broken record and all, because I am beyond proud of myself for overcoming that limitation I was creating. Fear is nothing but our egos way us holding us back and it does this in the form of illusions. Fear is a product of our imaginations, solely existing within our thoughts. It focuses so much on the future that most times we don’t realize how much of our mind and time is being stripped from focussing on the what is currently happening. Faith is connection based, and is a discipline that requires us to trust who we are. It also allows us to be okay with the now, understanding that solutions will flow right to us. It’s one of the ways that you can build and strengthen your relationship with God. I affirm that I choose faith over fear because I know that everything my heart desires lies on the opposite side of me not taking the chance I know I have the energy to be taking.

 I Don’t Follow, I AM The Flow 

In other words, ladies, we don’t chase, we attract. We don’t follow, simply because we are the flow. This is one of my favorite affirmations because it keeps me in check the most. This mantra in particular allows me release blockages by unapologetically letting go of negative people, habits and environments. Sometimes coincidences are those things that’s actually are meant to be. The beautiful part about life is how the universe as a way naturally leading us to things and vice versa. In reality everything that belongs will the naturally find it’s way. Nothing that’s motivated by force is serves us no purpose. I want the moments in my life to be based on authenticity. My reality is shaped on me creating and riding own waves. Everything that I seek is also seeking me that’s why I don’t follow, I am the flow.

Today I Will Create Opportunities For Myself

Black women flourishing

When putting in the work to attain your goals, sometimes it’s easy to get lost in the idea that doors have to open up for us, instead of opening the doors for ourselves. Not realizing that the knowledge we carry is our gift. Our voices are our gifts. Our passions are our gifts. No one has the capacity use our gifts better than ourselves. I always say that we are our biggest enemies because we often lose sight of how much authority we have over our futures. Success requires us to take risk. Don’t be afraid to hear no’s! Rejection is nothing less than redirection, and that’s also more knowledge attained. Following your passion and allowing yourself to remain teachable, can lead you to the pathway of success. Today, I will stop sleeping on myself by creating the opportunities for myself. My callings are intentional, my existence was created with purpose.

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