pose costume design
Blanca, Mother House of Evangelista played by Mj Rodriguez

Pose Season 2 is scheduled to premiere June 11th on FX, and Pose fans are hype! Pose is a series based in 80s New York highlighting the experiences, traumas and strength of the trans community–surrounding the ballroom scene. Season 1 was released on Netflix recently and has given those who do not have regular cable access to view tv history. Pose follows a number of characters in the LGBTQ community and shares their emotional realities. The storyline is fictitious, but their experiences are true to many LGBTQ people today, and this one of the many reasons why Pose is so significant to television.

pose costume design
Angel, House of Evangelista played by Indya Moore

Through the narratives, drama and education that the show brings to viewers, the piece that simply cannot be ignored are the ballroom costume designs. (Spoiler Alert!) Season 1 opens up with the House of Abundance breaking into a museum to snag for the next ball. These costumes are essential to the ballroom culture.

pose costume designs
Lulu, House of Abundance (Ferocity Season2) played by Hailie Sahar

Pose’s costume designer Lou Eyrich and her team do a phenomenal job with piecing these looks together. The Ballroom Scenes are theatrical, authentic and alive. Gowns with long trains, thick sparkly sequins, royal vintage robes garnished in pearls and fur, one-piece leotards with metallic linings, leather body suits, big hair and stilettos no shorter than 6 inches are just a few of the staples presented. Season 2 is airing next Tuesday, and I cannot wait to see what the team has in store for us this cycle. Here’s a few of my favorite moments and Season 2 Trailer:

pose costume design
pose costume design
Elektra, House of Abundance Played by Dominque Jackson

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