Photographer and Entrepreneur Jaylon Smith releases The Land of Milk and Honey, for SCAD alumni Challenge. The objective being to develop a photograph based on SCAD Fash’s “Albert Watson: The Light Behind the Lens’ exhibition.

Jaylon states, “I was immensely inspired by Albert Watson’s portraits of Duckie Thot and Naomi Campbell. By positively photographing women of color, I intended to deprecate the fashion industry’s systems and standards of beauty.”

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Photographer/Art Director: Jaylon Smith (B.F.A. Commercial Photography, 2019) Fashion Designer: Amari Moneé (B.F.A. Fashion Design, 2023) Model: Aluel Malaak Deng (Mother Agency: Good Genes Models) Stylist/Creative Director: Rachel Brown Set Designer: Rachel Lauren Make-up artist: Glo by Lo Cosmetologist: Danielle Reed Administrative Assistant: Vanessa Fox Photo Assistant: Siyandi Matthias (B.F.A. Interior Design, 2019) Production Assistant: Ameena Abdul-Hakeem (B.F.A. Fashion Design, 2019) Production Assistant: Raphaël Bahindwa (B.F.A. Painting, 2021) BTS Videographer: Nathon Ruehl (B.F.A. Commercial Photography, 2021) BTS Photographer: Jaren Stephens Location: Campbell Washington Photo Studio (M.F.A. Photography, 2019)