Now that we’re well into the summer months the days of inconsistent weather are no more, the sun is out and it did not come to play. With 2021 summer being quite a monumental event after having missed out on the season last year entirely, there is a very important conversation that needs to be had. And no it’s not about brunch plans, though that is arguably an important topic. It’s about sunscreen!

The harmful myth that people with melanated skin don’t need sunscreen is prevalent in many communities. Luckily, now, with so much more information being brought to the forefront about the importance of SPF for all skin types things are beginning to move in the right direction. But even with all of the sunscreen talk, the search for a sunscreen that gives you the protection you need without leaving a white cast or a greasy feeling remains a task. 

So to help ease the difficulty of finding the perfect sunscreen we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites as a starting point to finding the right one to incorporate into your daily routine.

  1. Fenty Beauty Hydra Vizor Moisturizer with SPF 30 $35.00
Black-owned sunscreen

Now we all know that Riri is an icon taking over both the music and beauty industries but her first step into the skincare game was truly a moment to be remembered. In the initial launch of Fenty Skin, in addition to the all-in-one cleanser and toner, Rihanna also released her Fenty Skin Hydra Vizor Invisible Moisturiser Broad Spectrum SPF Sunscreen with SPF 30. This Black-owned sunscreen chemical sunscreen leaves an invisible finish, meaning it’s free of a white cast, and also supplies the hydration of a moisturizer making it perfect for melanated skin.

  1. Black Girl Sunscreen $18.99
Black-owned sunscreen

The sunscreen that has become a viral sensation on tik tok is a Black-owned brand that caters its products to the melanin queens. With ingredients like jojoba and avocado oils, this chemical sunscreen is SPF 30 and is great for dry skin types as it melts into the skin leaving you with a dewy glow. But also for those with oily skin that doesn’t prefer a dewy finish, Black Girl Sunscreen also offers a matte option with SPF 45.

  1. Resting Beach Face Everyday Humans $24.00
Black-owned sunscreen

Another Black-owned sunscreen  Everyday Humans’ Resting Beach Face Sunscreen with SPF 30. This sunscreen is complete with some beneficial ingredients that your skin will love such as spinach, green tea, and hyaluronic acid. This sunscreen is lightweight and hydrating, meaning it’s a staple for the hot summer weather.

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