New York Fashion Week Fall Fashion 2017 Trends

Fall brings many things to mind, pumpkin caramel macchiato, cool weather and the holidays! But for us Fashionistas it means New York Fashion Week! Most of us are ready to break out our coats, booties and our dark lipsticks. Some fall trends have been lingering since the start of summer, but most likely will take off this fall. Here are a few Fashion bloggers rocking these trends:



1. RED

This trend is the one I am most excited for! The color red is such a strong and vibrant color and wearing it as a one-piece is extremely empowering. I cannot wait until more bloggers recreate this look.




2. Broad Shoulders & 70s Plaid

This look is a revamp on the old classic blazer.  The key factor to this look is to make it oversized and to keep the rest of the outfit pretty neutral.  Throw one on for an extra bit of gen es say quoi on those chilly nights that are slowly approaching.


3. Athleisure/ track suits

This trend is extremely versatile, it can quickly go from a casual look to an evening look in a matter of seconds. Throwing on a pair of stilettos, or if you’re feeling more of a chill vibe, a pair of Puma’s and you’re out the door.


4. Couch Florals

 Oh my beloved florals,  theyre here to stay for the rest of the year. It seems as if this classic print will never go out of style. To properly wear this print come fall, make sure the print has a vintage feel to it. So soft and/or faded pastel colors to get the right feel.



Be prepared to turn heads when you’re seen strutting in eye-catching prints. Prints of every kind are making an appearance the next couple of months, and these are not your basic pieces either. They make quite the statement. For example, as seen below, a coat with cheetah print or even a striped suit. Whichever print you decide to wear, have fun with it and don’t be scared to mix them either.