New Years Resolution Ideas

So it’s the last week of December and we’re reflecting on the year and looking ahead to 2018. Most of us are making new years resolutions, so this is the time to be 100 percent honest with ourselves. It is time to remove the distractions from our lives. Here are 9 things that should not see the light of day in 2018:


1. The Job You Hate

You’ve been working a job for two plus years that is either super comfortable or too stressful. You’ve gained what you should from the role, but you stay because of the money. You’re not happy, you’re just getting by. The job serves as a perfect distraction from moving on to what you know you’ve been called to do. You’re afraid to fail, so you stay. It is time to stretch your faith and start that business you’ve been putting off for years.


2. Unhealthy Relationships 

You already know you shouldn’t be with them. You’re either unhappy, distracted, compromising your values or all of the above. Aren’t you tired of making up just to break up soon after?  Or better yet, aren’t you tired of being with someone who won’t make it official because they’re keeping their options open?

Your emotions are all over the place because they’re determined by if you two are talking or not. If they don’t text you, you’re depressed and moody. If they’re sending you baby this and baby thats, you’re all smiles. You want to let go, but soul ties keep you attached. You’re dealing with an addiction. It’s time to live up to your worth and let go of the situationship. You’ll only be in the same miserable place next year, if you don’t. Here are 6 signs of an unhealthy relationship you’re overlooking.


3. Toxic Friendships 

Romantic relationships are not the only relationships that need to go. Friendships that are causing you to lose yourself. Those friendships that have no fruit. Maybe they only call you when they need something or when you’re around them you find yourself in uncomfortable or compromising situations. Or even that friend who is always speaking negatively about everyone around them and don’t support your goals. Departing from friendships can be just as hard as breakups (maybe even harder) but no relationship is worth pursuing your calling. Don’t let toxic relationships make it to January 1st.


4. Addictions 

Addictions are not just alcohol and drugs. You can be addicted to external validation, spending money, food, sex, going out, biting your nails, etc. Evaluate those large or small addictions in your life. They are indicators of lack of self-control. Without self-control, you are unable to live your fullest potential because you are easily tempted. Take that energy and place into a positive habit such as reading, praying, exercising, cooking clean meals, volunteering, starting that business you’ve put off etc. Go into 2018 with a disciplined mindset.


5. Fear of Starting

So in 2014, you swore you’d start that blog, that youtube channel, that clothing line, that business, that app, or that fitness group etc. 2015 came around and you pushed it to 2016. 2016 came and went and you just knew 2017 would be your year. 2017 is coming to a close and you have yet to begin. Don’t allow fear or procrastination to hold you back from your purpose. If any of the above factors are barriers in your journey, its time to let them go.


6. Bad Eating

Healthy eating was never a value of mine and to be quite honest I’m still working on it.  This year I realized, I need to be more intentional about what I’m consuming. I had the mentality that I’ll wait until I’m older to change my eating habits, but its better to take preventative measures. My family has a history of high blood pressure; my Grandmother passed away from heart complications. In 2018, I want to commit to cooking more meals and opting for a cleaner diet. Be careful however with taking on popular meal plans, as our bodies all benefit in different ways.  I’d recommend finding what the needs of your body are and adjusting your eating lifestyle to fit.


7. Overspending

Developing healthy financial habits is not discussed enough. Our culture glorifies spending and having what may buy us praise, but we don’t honor saving and growing wealth. This year commit to spending less than you make and sticking to a strict budget, so you can save. Like healthy eating, financial discipline can be challenging, but the reward is great. Five years from now you’ll love your self for starting that savings account. While you’re at it work on your credit! It’s equally as important.


8. Less Talking more doing

We all have those people in our lives that talk a good game but don’t take action. Sometimes this issue is that you’re talking too much. You want others to view you in a certain light, so you talk about what you plan to do and how you’re going to have this and that, but behind the scenes, you haven’t even started.  In 2018 I challenge you to stop talking about it and just do it! Your actions are loud and people don’t honor what you say, but what you do.


9. Selfish Intentions

It is okay to love yourself, provide for yourself and work toward your goals. That’s what this whole post is about! What is not okay is you taking interest in yourself and only yourself. Begin asking yourself when embarking on a new project and conjuring new ideas, how can this benefit others? Ultimately your purpose should point back to the world and how you can benefit the lives of others. In 2018, be a light.


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Photo by Jakob Owens

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