Art Basel is the main event of a flux of national and international art fairs in Miami. NADA, Untitled, Pulse, SCOPE and Art Miami are a few of the major fairs held during Miami art week. I was there for a short time, although the fair ran from Tuesday, Nov. 29- Sunday, Dec. 3. During my time I experienced phenomenal works and met incredible artists. Here are a few of my favorite pieces:

The Zeal Life Art Basel
“After Angela” by Van Hoang, Context Art Fair

As you can imagine the art in Miami during this week was remarkable, but this piece stole my heart. I noticed during the events there wasn’t a ton of black men and women represented. “After Angela” was one of the first. It’s a 73 x 203 acrylic on canvas painting. The size of the piece, rich sea green backdrop and of course the powerful image of a dark skinned woman made the painting truly impactful.


Hebru Brantley Street Artist_ the Zeal Life
“Untitled” by Street Artist  Unknown Artist  & Hebru Brantley, Wynwood Walls

I found the drawing at Wynwood Art District. How phenomenal is this portrait? The medium I am unsure although it obviously may have been done with graphite originally. Hebru Brantley added a playful touch with the yellow goggles. He posted the image on his Instagram along with the caption, “I couldn’t resist. He needed goggles.”  To be honest I think the goggles add personality to the drawing. Wynwood Art District is full of art, but this piece stands out amongst the many.


Pablo Picasso The Zeal LIfe
“Pablo Picasso” by Jamie Salmon, SCOPE Art Fair

Hyperrealism is mind blowing, because beyond the physical sculpture, the precision it takes to execute a piece like this one is impeccable. Paying attention to details is an understatement. It’s evident artist Jamie Salmon put his soul into this work, not missing a single Picasso beat.


0bdeff94-ae66-4c4c-af0c-5b43eeeeed89 4b9f2927-7642-434b-9f58-55a7e5a8879a Murder House The Zeal Life“John Wayne Gacy Murder House” by Chris Roberts, SCOPE Art Fair

Most people don’t realize that the presentation of the work can be just as much as an art form as the work itself. The installation speaks a lot to the message the artist is attempting to portray to the audience. The space of these pieces was so inviting. Collaged photos of majestic faces and 2d figures, muted colors and a combination of 3d interactive pieces made the corner appealing. And the house only added to the story.


Joe Nix The Zeal Life
“Jordan” by Joe Nix, SCOPE Art Fair


Solomon Adufah The Zeal Life
“Forever” Solomon Adufah, SCOPE Art Fair

These two pieces were just a couple of the several contest winners of the Bombay Sapphire contest. I may be bias but of course I am in love with black portraits. There is something so intimate about each of these pieces. For me I feel like I know each character, the black male and his features are so familiar. The older woman and her garbs have cultural definition and her eyes seem to speak to the viewer. I couldn’t resist capturing the two.


The Zeal Life
Unknown, SCOPE Art Fair

I couldn’t find the artist displayed, but this piece tells its on tale. The hands and feet seem to be transforming into a foreign creature. I’m not into sci-fi, but the hyperrealist sculpture has an ironic appeal that provokes conversation. I’m burning to know the ideas behind the suspending baby and the metamorphic details. There’s a message, but what is it?


Laila Essayed The Zeal Life
“Les Femme du Maroc Le Fumee D’ Ambre Gris” by Laila Essayai, Art Miami

Beautiful and meticulous. I love how socially and culturally charged this piece is. Religion and femininity are being explored. Laila is taking traditional Islamic calligraphy– exclusive to men and covering her pieces in hand painted henna. Each detail is powerful.  The drawing is beyond a statement piece, it is protest to her nation.


Lee Hwaik The Zeal Life
“Three Siblings” by Lee Hwaik, Art Miami

So there is a statue missing, but nonetheless these sculptures are magnificent when seen in person. They stand several feet taller than the average human and although not hyperrealist, there is a familiar connection between the figures and the viewer. Lee Hwaik’s work is unique to anything I’ve seen in the fairs, and I hope see this art style a lot more.


The Zeal Life


Daniel Jacob The Zeal Life
“Air Jordan 1” by Daniel Jacob, SCOPE Art Fair

I’m not a sneaker head, but I do own a pair of Air Jordan 1s, but if I’m being honest the crystals are what drew me to this installation. Daniel encrusted this piece entirely in Swarovski crystals, crazy impressive. The work connects to the urban street culture, but pulls in a high fashion detail. I wouldn’t call it juxtaposition; I’d call it “about time.”