Photo by Alan Taylor

Talent without a purpose or destination is desolate. We all need a direction in order to find value in each day. Writer, musician and life connoisseur, Ben Carson is mastering the pillars to finding  purpose, and he’s doing it all through his love for music, poetry and motivational writing. “My purpose is to spread the message of individuality and being yourself.” His project, My Words Your Freedom is a collage of sounds and poetry that echo this message. A motif found frequently in his work, is the importance of understanding spirituality and physicality. “Since we’re all spiritual beings, we shouldn’t let anything physical hold us back,” he believes. What Ben means is while we all exist in a physical form, when we leave this Earth, we will still exist as spiritual beings. To understand this, is ultimately to distinguish what is important in life and what is not.

“Since we’re all spiritual beings, we shouldn’t let anything physical hold us back.”

To use your gifts, your artistry to spread a message you live by in hopes of impacting others is a path to purpose. While it may not appear this way for everyone, for an artist, it certainly does. Ben has a website dedicated to his art. He writes, poetry and pieces of enlightenment. He discusses everything from death, redemption, sex and faith.

“In our existence, most spirits are at a point where they are seeking a spiritual revolution. A spiritual revolution is when a person, through soul introspection, determines that in order to reach their potential, they will have to adopt new habits and abandon the old ones. This process can be hard because we condition ourselves to perform in our old habits and find it hard to convince our souls that there is another way. This is where faith comes in.” (My Words, Your Freedom, First Things First Faith)

Ben’s music mirrors these thoughts. His sounds are both eccentric and meticulous. His track Dancing Under the Milk Way, ” from upcoming project Pisces Dream is especially impressive. The instrumental track evokes a sense of peace and atmospheric sensations. With every listening ear, the experience of the sound is different, but there’s no doubt that his music takes you somewhere.  The synesthetic properties of Ben’s music make it unique–magical even. In my encounter, I see dark meadows under a glowing moon and the image changes as the instrumentals shift, still keeping the atmospheric tone the same. The piece uses a range of guitar strings, bass and piano all engineered on his own. Take a listen to his track Dancing Under the Milky Way. 


Here’s a clip of Ben in his whimsical zone.


Ben breaks stereotypes associated with the type of music he is expected to write, clothes he is expected wear and the way he is expected to maneuver this world because of his appearance. His unique style and ability to live freely and with purpose, make the music he desires and write the words he lives by, make him an artist of virtue and influence.

Ben Carson is a writer/musician from Atlanta, GA. His art involves existential content that seeks to recreate the way we see ourselves and the world.

To hear and read more of My Word’s Your Freedom check out his personal site and find more inspiring clips of him on instagram @melodicmonster.


Featured Image Shot by  Alan Taylor