Missy Elliot is the Mother of creativity in the music industry. Her videos, choreography, fashion and beauty are transcendent and always ahead of time. Videos such as Work It, Supa Dupa Fly, Get Ur Freak On, are packed with futuristic, multi-dimensional visuals. From the deep finger waves, to the Rain Suit these style staples connect back to the queen. Her newest video Throw It Back is consistent with her earlier classic works. Colorful dancers and exceptional graphics. As she prepares to receive the Video Vanguard Award for the VMA’s. I took the opportunity to pull together some of my favorite Missy Elliot fashion moments. W

Tracks suits and oversized Jersey sets, Missy embodied street style wear and pioneered the tomboy sporty trend.

Missy Owned Denim on Denim suits in the early 2000s in all its facets.

You could expect Missy to rock a two- Piece set with loud colors print or logo-mania. Her Unapologetic aesthetic is both eclectic and ghetto-fabulous.

missy elliot fashion
missy elliot fashion
missy elite fashion

Flashy street style, Missy is eclectic in her dress, but always owned traditional street- wear Bandanas, denim and bling

Photo by Scott Grier

“The Rain” Suit

Missy’s style today remains timeless. Her consistent blend of masculine and feminine wear proves that culture is just now catching up to her.

missy elliot fashion
Photos by Micaiah Carter

Photo by Micaiah Carter

Photos by Getty Images

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