Consecrating Your Mind and Protecting Your Peace 

Our minds are such powerful tools. Our thoughts dictate our actions and lead us into the life we either desire or despise. One important factor we tend to forget when it comes to controlling our thought patterns is the media’s influence. Music, TV, pop culture blogs and magazines,  movies etc. all impact how we think and feel. If you aren’t aware, it can affect your quality of living. Don’t believe me? Challenge yourself to go on a media fast. Cut out a piece of popular culture that is a apart of your everyday routine and fill that time with reading an uplifting book, praying or writing out your thoughts. You are in the process of improving your thinking.

You may wonder why you can’t break a porn addiction or why you can’t get started on the business you’ve been planning for the past couple years or why you always end up in the same type of relationships. Everything you read, watch, and hear have a spirit of influence behind it. In one of my previous posts I wrote about the dangers of being on social media for too long. Reality TV, Trap music and the latest sex chronicles bestseller work in similar ways.

Whenever I am feeling depressed, overwhelmed, insecure, I ask myself what have I let into my heart that disturbed my inner peace? Usually there is lack of spending time in prayer, reading or taking time to myself. That time was spent on constant busy activity, distracting music, uninspiring Netflix series, too much Instagram etc. We all have our guilty pleasures that can lead to distractions.  That’s why it is so important to find yourself outside of the media’s stories. To do that, you have to turn off Netflix and social media and get alone with yourself, go on a media fast. As you begin to get to know who you are you will have the discernment necessary to transform your mind and protect your peace.

Fasts in general are great ways to consecrate if you aren’t feeling well spiritually, emotionally or even physically. Learn more about how to fasts here.

Originally posted August 24, 2017

Photo by Andre Hunter