Los Angeles Outfit Ideas

I was in Cali for 5 days and 4 nights, and it was one of the best times I’ve had. I love all the looks I wore during my trip and there were a few items that got me through. Here are 5 must-haves to make putting together your looks a lot simpler. I did all the shopping for you:


1. Vintage or Oversized Jacket

If you’re going to Cali in the spring or early summer you will need a jacket. Maybe I’m a little late on this but if you’ve never been to the west coast, the assumption is that the weather is like Florida. Wrong. I learned that Cali is not as humid as the South and therefore the temperature feels almost 10 degrees colder than what the forecast shows. That being said jackets are a necessity. Preferably one that can be paired with anything. I bought an oversized men’s denim jacket and a black zip-up hoodie. I’d recommend a vintage denim or motorcycle jacket for the evening. You can even go for a color-blocked windbreaker or a classic camo. I did some shopping a pulled a couple of my favorite finds.


2. Clear Colored Shades

If you follow me on Instagram, which you should be.  You may have spotted my newest obsession– my clear yellow shades. I will be buying another pair before the summer starts because having them adds a subtle statement to any look. You can color block or wear them with a monochrome look for a pop of color.

3. Handkerchief

The handkerchief trend is one of my favorites. You can wear it with just about anything and it fashion-forward. You can wear it around your neck, ankle, belt etc. There are so many ways to pair it. Madewell is infamous for putting their models in this trend as it has a tomboy aesthetic we love.



4. All White Sneaker Or  Sneaker With A Pop Of Color

One thing I noticed when I was there, everybody wears Vans, Chuck Taylors or dirty sneakers, and I love a clean canvas sneaker. So you can opt for the Cali way and wear a classic Van or Chuck or even find a one- of- a- kind pair. Otherwise, find a comfortable all white sneaker or one with a pop of color. Saucony, Air Max, and Reeboks have an incredible selection of colorful sneakers–start here.

5. Backpack!

Cali may be more spread out than New York, but there are plenty of strips and plazas to explore. So prepare to walk! Backpacks are my purse of choice. They leave you handsfree and can hold a lot.  There are backpack options for every style. You can go for more casual or high end. Here are a few for every occasion.