Logomania Fashion Trend, Is it 1997 or 2017?

By now we have all seen that logomania fashion trend has been creeping up on us, the nostalgic 90’s trend is back with full force. What is “logo-mania” you may ask? It’s essentially a brand displaying their name boldly on a piece of clothing or accessory. The once tacky trend is becoming oh so chic again with the help of “it” girls and fashion shows bringing the trend back to life. There are various examples out there, there’s the iconic Gucci Belt with the two gold G’s in the front. Christian Dior dresses with the name printed on the straps. Even the vintage Champion brand, who usually has their logo on all their sweatshirts. Although logo-mania has been around, it’s has been low-key for the past few years with only a few iconic brands, like Louis Vuitton or Gucci keeping their logo design on their timeless handbags. During this year’s fashion week, more designers incorporated the trend heavily into their shows. Big names like Fendi’s F branding was displayed all over their handbags and jackets. Gucci chose to include it on skirts and of course their fanny packs. Balenciaga displayed their brand name on their tops and sneakers.

If you need some advice on how to rock the trend without looking a little cheesy have no fear; fashion influencers are here! As I have mentioned before what I love about influencers is they take high-end designs and make them wearable for everyday women. Here are some looks from my favorite Instagram influencers showing us how they put together a look:


Songdani shows us that you don’t need a whole outfit put-together to look fashionable. She rocked a FILA cropped sweater with some shorts and sneakers and still looked like she gave 100% effort.

Theserenagoh shows us how to step-up your casual Gucci shirt and jeans combo. She opted for the black tee version of the popular Gucci shirt, with a cropped wide-leg jean with silver cutouts in the bottom half on the pants.


Sincerelyjules wore a Givenchy over-sized sweater on top of a skirt paired with silver bowtie heels giving the look a more dressy feel.


All three women, each with a different sense of fashion show us how to style the trend effortlessly.

How do you feel about the 90s trend making its way back to the fashion scene? Let us know in the comments!

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