Time is essential. As millennials and Americans, we often claim we do not have enough time in our day. Well, that was until Ms. Rona, ole good Covid 19, hit us. As we stand with everyone affected by the Coronavirus, and hope for everyone’s safety we also understand that time is of the essence. Here are some fun and creative things to do keeping yourself busy during quarantine.

1. Catch Up On That Show

As the world is in a pandemic, the only place we have to be safe is in our homes. Netflix and Hulu just released over 100 new streaming options this month for their subscribers. Recognized to scratch any media itch you may have with their extensive collections. Several exceptional Original projects arrive this month, including the story of Madam C.J. Walker, Self Made and a coming of age comedy Big Time Adolescence. Netflix and Hulu are your cure and your release at this time. So maybe tonight you’re feeling a serious thriller or just need to laugh at something heartfelt and kind, but relax from everything going on and catch up on some shows!

2. Do Your Spring Cleaning

If your anything like me, your room cannot stay dirty for more than a couple hours at most. However, with all this time on our hands, there is always something to be done. So grab a trash bag and dive into the back of your closet to get rid of everything you do not want, wear, or fit anymore. And yes those old leggings have to go as well! Nevertheless, when I say get “rid”, I’m one hundred percent referring to donating. We must understand that there are homeless outside struggling as we speak, so pack it all up and donate it to those in need.

3. Journal and Read

The most important thing about this influx of time is self- care. Some people have such busy lives that they never truly have time for themselves. So now that you have the time, where should you start? With a pen and paper. Writing can be an anxiety diffuser and will allow you to regain focus with yourself and everything around you. We often do not know how addicted to staying busy we are, until the opportunity is taken from us. However, this is not a bad thing. Writers such as Alex Elle and Pierre Jeanty, remind us of worth, life, and love. So while pen and paper may not be your niche, in the age of technology a phone or computer can still do the job. Make it a priority to reconnect with yourself and be optimistic about some good reads.

4. Pick Up A Hobby

Do it yourself. Yes, literally do it yourself at home. Youtube our modern-day textbook is filled with thousands of videos on home decor ideas, cooking videos, hair and makeup tutorials, arts and crafts, and so much more. Being creative is not as hard of a task as some may think all it takes is a little freedom and an idea. Now with the help of youtube, you get selections on an idea, saving the real decision making for bigger challenges. Some of my top three favorite DIY YouTubers are @XO, MaCenna, @PiscesFinest, and @TheNotoriusKIA. From lamps to flower-infused walls they will not let you down with creativity. That wall your tired of being bare or that sweater you never really liked can get the make over you desire all with the click of a button

5. Make a Tik-Tok

I know you’ve seen The Savage Challenge while scrolling through your social media feeds. And as annoying as the song may start to get, its time for a revolution! TikTok is a short video-sharing social networking platform where you can create a singing, dancing, cooking or just old fashioned lip-syncing videos at the palm of your hands. I can first hand vouch its more fun than it looks. Always wanted to join the drill team, or sound like Beyonce on the beat? Well here is your chance The app was originally utilized primarily by children and teens, but the quarantine has more parents and siblings joining in as well. Tiktok currently has over 400 challenges and 50 special features to make your short videos one of a kind. Now go get out your bed and show your friends those hidden talents.

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