Keeping New Year’s Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions sometimes get a bad reputation because everyone is excited about the change in the new year, but then quickly become overwhelmed and stop striving for their goals. Resolutions are a great form of self-evaluation and they help to make sure you’re always trying to become the best you. Change is no easy journey, so here are 5 ways to help you stay on track this new year.


Make A List

After you’ve made your list of new year’s resolutions, it is very easy to forget them throughout the business of life. One idea is to place the list somewhere you can see daily. The goal here isn’t to try and memorize each item on the list, it’s more of a casual reminder, “Oh yeah! I’m trying to drink tea first thing each morning.”


Master One Thing at a Time

Change takes time. So, you’re not going to tackle your new year’s resolutions in a matter of two months, not if you permanently want to implement change into your life. Focus on one or two changes at a time and try to implement them into your daily routines– remember old habits die hard.


Look at How Far You’ve Come vs. What You Still Need to Work On

If you made a list of new year’s resolutions last year and there were a few things you didn’t accomplish or just forgot about. Don’t stress! Add it to the list for 2018. Often, we always notice our failures faster than we do our accomplishments. Look at what you could change or work on instead of what you didn’t do; change takes time.


Set Little Goals Instead of Giant Ones

Another way to keep your goals attainable is to set small goals that lead up to the big picture. Setting small goals works for me in all aspects of life, if I start to think of the big picture and how long it will take to get there I’ll end up giving up before I even start. One way I combat this is to set little goals along the way that aren’t so intimidating. For example, you want to save $500 before the summer? Work out a plan where you’re saving around $100 each month to get to your goal. You can even surprise yourself and end up saving more! This mentality will help you succeed quickly.



Many of us make an effort to acknowledge our faults and place them on our list, but how many of us just leave it at that? The effort and work must be put in place to see those “wants” come to life. Think about it, talk about it, make the small changes and before you know it, change will have happened.

If you’re not happy where you are in your life, that’s fine. You are in charge of making the changes you want and need for yourself. But remember, life is a journey and is ever changing. Keep your best foot forward and don’t be so hard on yourself.


What are some ways you plan to keep your New Year’s Resolutions, share below!


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