Brooklyn native Justine Skye released her latest project Space and Time, her third album produced in conjunction with the legendary Timberland. The album, which was brought to life after Instagram live sessions in the midst of the pandemic, features 11 songs with collabs from the likes of Justin Timberlake and Rema. Along with the album, Skye also released an accompanying documentary where she gets candid about the processes of creating her new album.

Coming one year after the release of her album Bare with Me, Space and Time was quite literally a product of the space and time that came with quarantine. A time where many of us spent our days lying in bed binge-watching our way through every available streaming platform Justine took to her Instagram where she would post cover videos. Unbeknownst to her, this would completely change her career trajectory as it prompted a DM from record producer Timbaland in response to her cover.  

Justine Skye new album
Photo by High Snobiety

The two began their musical relationship through a series of facetime calls and Instagram live sessions where the two would collaborate on what they called Space and Time Sessions. After being positively received by viewers it was decided that the sessions were too big to be relegated to Instagram live and should be turned into a complete album. 

“I’ve been more amazed at watching her growth. Wow, she grew fast,” said Timbaland. “It was like finding a diamond in a mine”

 From there the two began working on the album in Timbaland’s studio in Miami, gaining the support of artists such as Diddy and Justin Timberlake.

Reflective of the theme of self-reflection and transformation that many explored during 2020, Justine Skye’s new album introduces listeners to a more vulnerable and open side of Skye that we hadn’t seen before. In what she calls the “bad bitch manual” Skye takes listeners through both the highs and lows of love, relationships, and life and the happiness that lies on the other side. 

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