I’m sure most would agree that Instagram has created the opportunity the past 5 years for the more common people to feel idolized– a false sense of celebrity.  So much to the point where you won’t even respond to the 5 comments under your photos, not even with a simple “thank you” or kind emoji because you’ve reached over a hundred likes and well you’re feeling yourself. Then the pressure to get over 100 likes on the next photo you get is greater and if you don’t reach it, you begin to question why? Did I post too early in the afternoon? Is Monday just dead for Instagram? Oh I just don’t have enough followers. I need more followers.

Instagram more than any of the other platforms has created its share of “instafamous” users and unreal “instamodels.” With all the anxiety and longing to be popular on social media there is a generation of people that are now vulnerable to comparison and wanting to be just like these users. Their accounts are compacted with emoji heart eyes and “omg can I be you?”  comments. Women may now find themselves constantly comparing not only their own social standing on Instagram, but their own bodies to the bodies and looks of the women they see.

We are definitely in a waist snatching, eyebrow fleeking, booty poking generation. Women are almost killing themselves to get that perfect body, searching for that same “omg can I be you?” attention. And that instant rise to fame. Self-esteems and confidence levels are now determined by the like per minute and the flood of comments or lack thereof.

We are definitely in a waist snatching, eyebrow fleeking, booty poking generation

There is most certainly a such thing as having a healthy relationship with  social media. If you become dependent on it for validation of how you look and who you are as a person, you may need to take a break from it. I’ve had seasons in my life where I had to stay away from Instagram for a few months because of how distracting it was for me and how reliant I was on it for affirmation. I took that time to spend time with God and get back to knowing myself, so that no matter what the feedback is on anything I post on Instagram I am not allowing it to influence me.

Instagram is an awesome platform–one of my favorites. But having a healthy relationship with it, free from comparison and self validation is the best way to make it fun and get the best from your experience.