Brand Consulting

Brand identity is the single most important piece to building a brand. From it, you can make concrete decisions to cultivate a business that is both prosperous and impactful. The Zeal Life has grown steadily over the past couple years and while the content focus has changed, the brand identity is consistent. The consistency has built trust with readers and given me the opportunity to advise friends with their own brands. We determine their short and long-term goals and flesh out the heart of the business.

I’ve collaborated with several fashion brands and movements, including Atlanta Street Wear Market, Bad Influence Clothing, and have been featured on Kiwi Vintage Store, Berry Curly, and several other creative blogs. I’ve also conceptualized an editorial that received over 100,000 impressions in circulation and tripled my pageviews in only 4 months time.

I’ve learned so much from this journey from building a website, social media and content strategy. All with very little resources! If you are starting a brand (blogging, creative directing, fashion brand etc) e-mail me at, so we can:

1. Identify Brand Identity

2. Identify Target Audience

3. Create Social Media Aesthetic

4. Identify Best Social Media Platforms & Strategy

5. How to Set up Website

6. How To Work With Limited Resources

7. Build Your Confidence in Your Creative Ideas

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“Its Affordable and the information that The Zeal Life provides is very in depth and informative! I’m so glad we chose The Zeal Life to help us out in the rebranding process!”

-Shay Robinsion, Sporty Shorites,  @sportyshorties

“If you are a new business or you’ve been open for awhile get at The Zeal Life. I had one meeting, and it was so helpful!!!! She gave me the best advice seriously!!!”

-Raquel Osby, 321, RMB_Apparel