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Street Style Anthropologist, Brent Luvaas and “The Continuous Labor of Fashion”

A Modern Day Anthropologist

Anywhere we go, we always see someone pulling out their phone to take a selfie; we may even see bloggers traveling with a personal photographer. The point is that fashion truly never stops. It’s a lifestyle of posing for pictures whether one is on the street or on the runway. Taking a closer look into Brent Luvaas’ The Continuous Labor of Fashion, Luvaas explores how a fashion career is tiring, but it has its rewards.

In school we study anthropologists that tackle race and sexism, but Brent Luvaas is a modern anthropologist tackling fashion politcis, and we can watch his work in real time. Luvaas has mastered within his publication digital technology and the urban environment. Luvaas has written books that have shifted fashion culture with one of his most recent publications being, The Anthropology of Dress and Fashion: A Reader.

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Luvaas describes himself as a cultural and visual anthropologist that focuses more on street style anthropology and fashion as a whole. In Luvaas’ article, The Continuous Labor of Fashion, he mentions when a subject is posing for a photo– it is meant to look effortless. A candid shot, but with poise and style. It is this effortlessness that photographers and the fashion industry want to see. But the nature of fashion does not start and end with photos of popular faces in inspiring looks. Luvaas states, “Photographers show up in big-named street ware brands, just in case they end up on someone else’s social media feed.” So Brent Luvaas’ The Continuous Labor of Fashion discusses the irony of photographers’ hard work and attention to detail in capturing models and influencers in a culture where the photographer must also be camera ready.

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Whether we are walking to school, work, or to the nearest restaurant in a major fashion hub, know at any point we can be asked to have our photo taken. In a fashion-obsessed society we always have to be ready. So stay vigilant, stay fierce, and serve your best looks.

To see more work by Luvaas you can go here to his site.

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