Each season designers combine their aesthetic with world trends, historical fashion references, season standards, and or innovative technologies and style advancements to form their individual collections. We pulled from the casual tomboy looks to the pure-feminine staples from top designers in the industry to find your style reference for Fall 2016.



Retro-rocker in Alice + Olivia

Stacy Bendet’s collection takes us back in time with heavy 70s patterns,  flared denim and soft fedoras. If you’re the fashion lover that’s always been in love with the past, you’ll want to reference her collection this coming fashion season.



Girly- Grunge in Chanel

Let Chanel inspire you with juxtaposed combinations. Largerfield includes a portfolio of work that entails light shear fabrics paired with heavy layers, dark hues and leather boots. The collection of course is in black and white and wouldn’t be Chanel without the  pearl accents afloat here- and- there. The collection is without question for the girly tom-boy.



Crisp-Casual in Courréges

Do you love minimalistic ensembles with a statement piece that pulls it all together? Whether its a pop of tangerine- orange or cobalt- blue or an A-line skirt with geometric print, or maybe even a lapeled motorcycle jacket that you throw on over a clean monochromatic look, you like to keep things simple and clean. Courréges will be your fashion influence for the style season.



Shabby- Chic in Yeezy

Kanye is no stranger to trends, and his militant styled combos are on point with the millennial demand. The portfolio is grimy- rugged but still comfortable and surprisingly sexy. You like to feel free in what you wear, fashion forward and on trend? Yeah Yeezy is your source this season.



Romantic-Fem in Alexander McQueen

Drama! Drama! And more drama! The McQueen story is always about the gothic-theatrics. The collection pulls together fine fabrics with infinite movement and plenty of texture. The presentation is embedded with butterfly inspirations seen through the shapes and motifs throughout several pieces. If you’re feminine in most aspects and love ferries, butterflies and whimsical references, be inspired by McQueen.



Plain Punk in Louis Vuiton

Forever surprised by Louis Vuiton’s designs, this portfolio is particularly refreshing. The rebellious-mod looks are straight forward and luring. Dark lips, leather from shoulder to toe, big hair and strong patterns are consistent throughout the collection. This is for the defiant fashionista.


Article originally posted on theurbanrealist.com