The mind is such a powerful tool. One of my favorite sayings goes, “Your thoughts become your words, your words become your actions, your actions become your habits, your habits become your character, your character becomes your destiny.” I’m not sure who said it, but it couldn’t be more true. Cursing, complaining, speaking on your problems, jealousy towards others etc. are those small ticks in life that seem harmless, but have significant influence in the trajectory of our lives. Who I think I am, is ultimately what I will become. Negative feelings I have towards my life will only encourage depression, negative behaviors toward others and myself because I have made that emotion a reality. The only one who can give us true purpose and fulfillment is God himself because he created us, but if we entertain the thoughts that come through the fickle standards of this world, we will live a lie.

Negative thinking has everything to do with what we surround ourselves with. What we watch, read and listen to influence our perspectives. If I surround myself with people who complain about everything, gossip or steal, eventually I’ll begin to pick up on the mindsets that encourage their behavior and begin to behave the same way. If we want to be disciplined in accomplishing what it is we are burdened to do to make an impact on the world, we have to make significant changes. 

We cannot allow negative thoughts to sit and manifest in our mind. Whenever I get a negative thought, which for me, is anything that opposes the truth I already know from God, I counter it with another thought. Why is she talking to me, I’m not in the mood? Be patient, her intention is not to annoy you. It doesn’t hurt you to listen. Another example, I hate my job, I’m so tired of clocking in here everyday. I quickly counter it with, I’m so thankful that I have a job, without it I couldn’t afford to eat or pursue my passion. When I change my influences by praying, reading and spending less time on social media, I become more aware of the negative thoughts, and I make it a habit to immediately expel them from my mind.

When we think empowering thoughts, more I cans and less I can’ts our behaviors follow. We should speak more positive affirmation toward each other and ourselves, and when we’re tempted to believe the worse, challenge your mind to believe the best. As you train your mind and spirit to agree on the positive the easier it is to mature and grow into the person you are destined to be.


Photo by Tachina Lee