Overcoming Rejection

Rejection has to be one of the most difficult feelings to endure as a human being. Someone or something literally saying, “No, not you,” is hard. We face rejection in several areas in life from jobs, friendships, relationships, financial pursuits, or even in our own skills and talents we may experience rejection.

When we are told no, we begin to question our own talents and skills, looks and personality. Too many rejections evoke doubt and insecurity and can keep us from fulfilling goals. Overcoming rejection can be hard, but it doesn’t have to be. You must know who you are and change the way you view the rejection.

Knowing who you are is important. Knowing that you are intelligent, witty, intuitive, creative, beautiful, funny, or kind etc. is key, because in any situation if you are told otherwise (although rejection doesn’t necessarily mean someone is discrediting your abilities) you have to know it is a lie.

If you know who you are and you don’t get the job or your boyfriend/girlfriend of several years breaks up with you or the person you like doesn’t feel the same, don’t allow it to make you believe what you already know to be true. We all encounter rejection, even some of the greatest in history and our time have been told no.

If it didn’t want you, it’s because it wasn’t for you

Rejection is not always bad. When living your purpose, we must understand that what we want may not be for us. Rejection is an opportunity to grow and move in a new direction. If you had gotten the job today, you may not be the owner of your own business in 5 years. If he/she didn’t break up with you, you may not have found the one you’re supposed to marry in the next few years.

Understanding that a purposeful life means everyone will not accept you should be good news. Our paths are unique, and we are worth much more than what we give ourselves credit for. If it didn’t want you, it’s because it wasn’t for you. Embrace rejection as an opportunity for something greater.


photo by Nicole Mason