Seoul Fashion Week SS18

Seoul, South Korea is known for being a leader in beauty, K-Pop and it’s emerging fashion scene. Seoul Fashion Week was last week, and it was every bit of inspiration you could need to crank up your creativity. Seoul is known for having a different style during their fashion week in comparison to New York, London, and Pairs. Not only are they more eccentric their fashion choices, but influencers make their outfits into walking art. Each outfit seems to be a huge style statement, taking trends and bringing them to the next level. Every single level of “cool” is met. Seoul is usually ahead of the upcoming trends, down below is a forecast of a few trends we’re sure to see next year.

A significant trend that was seen both on the runway and outside the venues during SFW was unisex fashion. On the runway, Blindness covered their models with a mesh-like material to emphasizs the fashion statement. Along with both sexes wearing baggy clothing to accentuate the trend further. “The question we always want to ask is, ‘Is this men’s clothing or women’s clothing? Is that a man or a woman inside them?” Shin said backstage. “That’s the blindness, ” reports Vogue.
The woman’s business suit was another trend seen on the runways. Whether it was a full skirt and blazer or a deconstructed look, it was shown throughout a few shows especially pushBUTTON. The women’s 80’s business suit was kept modern cinching the waist, to accentuate the silhouette. “I wanted this collection to be timeless,” Seung Gun Park told Vogue, the entire collection was a mixture of what is and what will be in the world of fashion.

Take a look at the gallery above for photo inspiration. Photos by Alex Finch via

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