Holiday Makeup Looks 2017

The holidays are here my friends! Time for family, food and festive makeup!
Everyone loves a classic red lip or a smoky gold eye to match the colors of the season, but there are other options that are just as festive. It can be refreshing to take a step outside your normal go-to looks and experiment with new looks. Here are some suggestions on taking on the holidays with a BANG!


The simplicity of this look is what I love the most, just like a red lip a deep purple makes a loud statement. It is still enough of a neutral color that it can go with many outfits come New Year’s or Christmas. If you still want to try the purple lip color but are intimidated by the deep hue, I suggest starting with a lip pencil and slowly filling in your lips to the shade you’re most comfortable with. The highlight on her cheekbone and her eyelids take this look to the next level giving it a “glam” feel. If you’re into going all out for the holidays, this is a perfect place to start.

All the attention for this look is centered on the eyeshadow. A dark green smoky eye is an elegant way to bring some sultry-ness to your holidays. There’s always a way to simplify make-up, if you’re a beginner, just use fewer eyeshadows for this look. Melissa uses about four eyeshadows, you can layer the shadow or wear two, whatever works best for you. She has a YouTube video if interested in learning how to recreate the look.

I’m a sucker for a well-done cat-eye (they’re just so eye-catching!) If you’re unsure what to do as far as your makeup goes or if you are invited to a last-minute holiday party, this is your look! I know cat-eyes are intimidating and it’s hard matching up the wing, but there are variations to them. Baby wings, not connecting the bottom eyeliner to the top wing, tracing out your wing with eyeshadow are just a few! Also adding eyelashes can hide the fact if one wing is a little off in comparison to the other (trust me I know.) It is also super easy to wear this make-up with any holiday outfit you may have.

I know, don’t freak out on me, this is beyond untraditional for the holidays. But let’s face it, what’s traditional in 2017 anymore? Let this picture serve as inspiration for different looks. The silver eyeshadow is an alternative to your standard gold eyeshadow. The white eyeliner can be traced along a standard cat-eye and so on. Based on the photo the eye look can complement any little black dress you might think of wearing for Christmas.

This look has it all, bold smoky eyeshadow, a bold lip and eyelashes to match. This is the complete glam look we all hope to one day master. As always you can add on or simplify this look to match your level of comfort, but try to work up to this! The make-up is paired so beautifully it doesn’t compete, and that should be a note to make. If you’re going for a bold eye and lip combo, it should all flow together, and one shouldn’t stand out more than the other.

In all, remember makeup is fun! It’s about experimenting and seeing what works best for you and how to get better each attempt. With everything in life, practice makes perfect, and make-up is no different.


Photo by Joanna Koasinska


Happy Holidays!

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