Holiday Gift Guide For Your Loved Ones

Buying gifts this time of year can be stressful, especially when everyone has their own taste. It’s easier to focus on your friend’s hobbies to find them gifts they’re guaranteed to love. Here are gift suggestions for every type of friend in your life, to get you started. But always remember it’s the thought that counts. 🙂

 The Beauty Enthusiast

Everyone can always use a quality red lipstick and this Fenty Beauty lipstick is just that. It’s matte while long-lasting, so it won’t chip off in the middle of dinner and the color pay off is amazing. Along with the Glossier Cloud Paints, if you haven’t tried them this is the season too.  Your skin will be a tad bit on the drier side this winter, so these cream blushes will bring your complexion back to life. Make-up kits with brushes galore or eyeshadow palettes are alternatives if you can’t get your hands on these products.

The Tech Geek

Perhaps one of the easiest friends to gift. There is zero hassle or contemplating when it comes to buying their gifts. The Amazon Echo is the gadget you never knew you needed. Hands-free is the future and all you need to do is ask Alexa and she does all the thinking. Bose Wireless Sports Headphones, need I say more? Wires are so 2017.

The Interior Decorator 

We all have a friend in our lives whose house is aesthetic goals.  Adding to their home can be a subtle and intimate gift.  A stylish Throw Blanket is a good place to start.  Throw blankets are the perfect accent piece to a bedroom or living room space. Another thoughtful gift idea is Succulents. They’re easy to care for and a friend who cares about home decor will only fall in love. Candles are also a good option for The Interior Decorator.

The Style Enthusiast

I know buying clothing for friends can be difficult, but with these options, there is zero wrong you can do. Red was one of the most underrated colors this year, but this holiday season you can be festive and trendy! This red Puffer Jacket is cute and moderately priced. Patent boots are also in season, but let’s step it up and make a statement with these Red Patent Booties from DSW. If your friend is super picky, there’s no shame in giving a gift card to their favorite places to shop.

The Super Grown Friend 

The friend in your life who needs to take a break from being an adult and just unwind. Help your friend de-stress with an adult-friendly coloring book. Science shows it helps to relax and brings inner peace. Another gift option for this friend is a bottle of wine. Along with the wine, you can include a personalized bottle stopper, and help them forget their responsibilities for an evening. A small airfare that won’t break your pockets or a good read is also great options for this friend.

The Introspective Friend

That one friend who turns every conversation into deep discussions; the one who makes you think and always challenges your ideas, yeah that one. They would appreciate a book that will teach them something new or challenge their own views.  7 Habits of Highly Successful People by Stephen R. Covey may be a great match for their highly intuitive personality or even Joyce Meyer’s  The Battlefield of The Mind.  You can also consider a nice journal set or tickets to a thought-provoking museum, film or experience as an alternative.


The Gamer

For the friend who loves games and won’t leave the house for an extended period of time without their gaming system, consider gifting them with the Nintendo Switch. The gaming console is portable and is made by one of the biggest Gaming companies in the world. They will love you forever. Alternatively (because Nintendo is not cheap) you can purchase a game they’ve been eyeing or add a new experience to their collection for their favorite gaming system.

Photo by William Stitt