High Fashion Pajamas

It’s no doubt that when it comes to fashion, as of late, comfort has been a major priority. We’ve seen the switch from the skinny jean to a more wide-leg fit. We’ve even seen it in the upsurge of sweatsuits that have made their way from living room comfort to runway chic. And while some of the trends might be on the way out as the post-pandemic life is on the horizon, if there is one thing that recent events have taught us is that comfort and style can in fact coexist in some of the most unexpected ways. One of the most trending cozy-chic combos? Sleepwear. Yes, pajamas.

 The pajama trend is something that the fashion world has been dabbling in for quite some time now. As silky satin slip dresses became the epitome of effortless style and lingerie working its way into our day-to-day style, it only makes sense that new forms of pajama fashion would come about. And, with many of us having spent the last year operating from our beds, the bonds between us and our pajamas have unquestionably grown much stronger. Pajamas have had such a hold on us recently that they have become one of the latest daywear trends. It’s giving very much “roll out of bed, but make it fashion”, and honestly, I’m here for it. So what’s The newest sleepwear trend you might ask? Pajama sets! 

Whether it be satin, cotton, patterned, or printed, two-piece pajama sets are making their mark in fashion. The trend has even made its way to the runway in shows like Marques’ Almeida Fall 2021 RTW collection. The trend is easy to dress up and style with different variations of the comfy attire giving it a dressy stylish appeal. From fur trims to vibrant colors and oh so comfy fabrics pajama sets might just be a lockdown trend that we’ll want to keep around.

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