Glossier’s Body Hero is Defying Industry Standards with REAL women

It is safe to say by now that you’ve seen the images of Glossier’s Body Hero floating around on Instagram or billboards if you’re in N.Y. or L.A. If you haven’t  here’s a quick recap:

Glossier the skincare and makeup line has dived into full-on skin care. Introducing their newest item Body Hero, a shower oil and body cream duo taking your skincare to the next level; Glossier founder, Emil Weiss, describes it as “skin care for your face.” The Body Hero Daily Oil Wash, is a mixture of natural oils used to wash away dirt and grime, but soft enough to moisturize your skin and never strip it of its natural oils. The Body Hero Daily Perfecting Cream is infused with natural plant extracts and light reflecting partials to give you that all-over sheen. Need I say more? It is pretty much luxurious skincare at a fraction of the price!

Besides the new products, the actual campaign ad deserves a round of applause. Glossier decided to feature women of various ethnicities, shapes and sizes all while being nude for this product launch. Hello, body empowerment! Now more than ever the fashion and beauty industry are making larger than life efforts to change for what so long has been the standard image of beauty.

Brands like Aerie and Nike are becoming known for breaking those standards. With Aerie making it an important factor to feature women with realistic bodies for their campaigns. And Nike featuring model Halima Aden, who wears a hijab on their Airmax 97 campaign. Curves even made a debut on the runway earlier this year; designers like Michael Kors, Prabul Gurung and Tome featured Ashley Graham, Candice Haffine and Georgia Pratt for their shows. Littles strides like the ones mentioned are what keep the conversation going, so it can snowball into the change we all need to see. It will show the world and hopefully change the mentality of beauty being a “one size fits all” package because beauty is diverse and complex.


Photos by Glossier

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