Glitter makeup, winter 2018 Make-up trend

Glitter, make-up’s oldest friend is back to revamp everyone’s fall makeup routine this year. This isn’t your traditional middle school glitter. This is more of a refined look that you can wear for the evening or out and about for fun. During London fashion week, glitter was seen on a fegw runway models. Looks included models with  glitter eyelashes during Ryan Lo’s show. Glitter sprinkled on the crown of the model’s hair at Ashish’s show, and glitter lips made a debut during Shrimps show. All three designers had a similar concept to keep the model’s faces mostly bare (except for Ashish who included smoky eyes with his look) with the glitter look being the point of focus.
Glitter has come a long way from the chunky New Year’s Eve shadow that we have grown accustomed to, and for the most part still only use around this time. There are now more options than eyeshadow to choose from. There are eyeliners, lip glosses, lipsticks and of course highlight powders all out on the market. We encourage our readers to go out and purchase a few glitter products and have some fun with it! Below are a few more options on how to rock new glitter eyes looks.

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