“Why do people call me?”

“What shapes do people like?”

“What sells the best?”

These are the thoughts fueling the style and passion of Fausto Puglisi, showcased in his Fall 2018 collection. His sense of opulence and decadent embellishment shows through in his collection, using Greek and Roman patterns, designs, and styles.

The line was showcased on mannequins in a presentation style, with his inspirational materials displayed on wooden plinths including the brand and many cans of soda he drinks as well as other inspirational books and materials. Puglisi says that showing his work this way freed him up from operating under a theme, and that his animated and effusive passion was able to thrive unconstructed. This comes as no surprise this season, as one of the questions buzzing was “Will fashion look different in a post-modern world?”

Fausto Puglisi’s collection answered plainly, yes.

It’s the five-year anniversary of his emergence in the Milan fashion scene, rivaling even that of Versace’s brand. It’s an anniversary collection showcasing his best looks and style; gladiator dresses, moto jackets, A-line lampshade skirts ­– it all referenced back to how he became who he was, and in total who he is and is becoming. He’s disregarded his bold and graphic style of his past collection, discarding his stronger prints and all of the embellishments he gave his looks.

Instead, he now has displayed a cohesive style and collection highlighting the softer fabrics and simpler design matched with organic and well-recognized themes. Saturated colors like warm reds, browns, and blues help break up the dominating blacks and whites. These colors have an unusual yet successful pairing with softer pinks, turquoise, purples and greys, that help to establish the collection as classic and traditional while remaining current and unconventional.

Through his Fall 2018 Ready-to-Wear line, Fausto Puglisi asserted himself as an independent designer, and that fashion changes with how we choose to display it. Here are some of my favorite pieces from the collection, and you can view the whole collection here.