The Fannypack Is Cool Again?

Fanny Packs have been around since the dawn of time. Just kidding, but they were introduced to the public in the late 60’s. The initial use of a fanny pack was never for fashion purposes, but instead for convenience. Having a small -accessible bag that gave you the option to be hands-free was the goal.
The 80’s is when the trend hit its pinnacle of popularity. Everyone in the family sported a fanny pack in fun neon colors and funky prints. It was more of a commercial accessory rather than a high-end one.
The trend died off soon enough in the late 90’s. While it tried to have multiple comebacks in the early 2000’s, with a few high-end designers remarketing the fanny pack as a hands-free bag, a belt bag and even a belted satchel. No one succeeded until now. From its humble beginnings of neon colors and eccentric prints to now being featured on the runways of New York and Milan Fashion Week, the fanny pack has come a long way. The fanny pack ladies and gentlemen is back and better than ever.

With the help of street fashion, the fanny packs concept were made more conceivable. Instead of the trend only appealing to those in high fashion, street style influencers have made it easy for everyone to wear. With countless examples of bloggers wearing fanny packs in their everyday outfits, the popularity has risen making the accessory an everyday wear.
This past fashion week, we seen fanny packs everywhere. During NYFW designers like Marc Jacobs, Gucci, and Rachel Comey featured the beloved fanny pack on a few of their models. Bloggers like Camila Coelho and Emili Sindlev were seen rocking the trend as well. London fashion week has been the biggest supporter of the trend, with almost every fashion blogger paying their homage to the brand Gucci, and rocking a Gucci fanny pack in variations of colors. The popular style was the “GG Marmont belt bag.”There are countless ways to wear your fanny pack; I don’t believe one way is any more or less fashionable than the other. Although you’ve seen many fancy fanny packs, there are a lot of affordable options  Herschel, Zara, and Asos all have pocket friendly selections. The fanny finally  made its breakthrough, and won’t be leaving the fashion scene anytime soon.