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Just about everyone owns a pair of jeans; they’re one of those classic- casual American wardrobe pieces that you simply cannot get away from. Dark and light wash, distressed, patchwork, skinny, straight leg and more recently the bell bottom are all variations of the clothing article we all must have. But one thing we simply cannot agree on is how to wash them. My advice… don’t.

I know that feeling you get when you first slip on a new pair of jeans and they are the perfect fit and style, but after that first or second wash the color has faded (darker washes), the fit is altered and they’re just not the pair you fell in love with. The thing to remember is whenever you invest in a nice pair of denim whether from Madewell, Acne, Lucky Brand, Levis etc., knowing how to care for them is key. With the proper care jeans— like wine—only get better with time.

I recommend placing your denim in a large Ziploc bag and throwing them in the freezer for a day. The cold temperature kills the bacteria and preserves the dye. If you’re worried about odors, put your jeans in a dryer with a scented dryer sheet.  If you’re super grossed out and must wash, make sure to wash dark denim inside out in cold water with a light detergent, and dry flat to keep the dye in tack.

Also, when trying on raw or quality denim, dependent on the brand try to size down. Good denim will typically stretch after awhile, so if they’re hugging you a little tighter the first wear, no worries. Just give it a few more rounds and they’ll soon be your perfect size.

Freezing and following these tips will ensure you get the best wear out your favorite pair of jeans.