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There have been many times where I’m scrolling down my Instagram feed, and I don’t feel inspired. I search my following list and I unfollow the pages that are uninspiring. I do this every month. It’s adding new faces, new styles, new beauty, new inspirational content to my feed. I’m not saying to unfollow your friends, but adjust your vision to align with your goals at that time. Here are 5 fashion and beauty Instagram pages to get you started.

Maestro of Pose: alexanderjulian

Alexander-Julian’s Instagram feed is full of color and strong fashion visuals– Based in NYC, he is a creative content specialist and an editor. His poses are subtle, and he contrasts bold hues with neutrals as his chosen aesthetic. The love he has for fashion is more than a job— it’s his passion. More content of Alexander-Julian can be found on his professional website.

Fashion Is Her Main Game: sel.xo

Designer Selangie combines her personal style and evening glam aesthetic in her dresses. Her Instagram posts feed showcases her brand Sel-Doval, but you can also pick-up make-up tips. From her natural looks to the slight refreshing pops of pink, she is an influence to self-starters. Take a look at what products are available on her website.

The Habesha Beauty: sofiaziadaa

Every time Sofia pops up on my feed, I always tap through highlights and posts about her makeup. From her beauty and hair tips to the gorgeous outfits she posts, Sofia is always camera ready. Her strong prints and bright colors are indicative of her Ethiopian culture and vibrant personality.

Lash & Beauty Expert: yrispalmer

An amazing Salvadorian mother and businesswoman conquered through LA with her lash business, Star Lash. When I first discovered Yris, it was through her YouTube channel. I quickly found out she was Salvadorian like me–immediately I was interested. She shows off her baby girl, Ayla, and they play dress-up together to post on Instagram. Yris’ outfits are fashion forward and affordable. From time to time on her personal page, she posts her lash techniques and skin-care routine. She is a beauty expert, and we will always support a self-starting women.

Beauty Youtuber Turned Influencer: shahdbatal

My personal favorite fashion and beauty Instagram page, Shahd. I began watching her on YouTube makeup tutorials and no matter how much I tried to mock her technique her results are unmatched. I’ve watched her platform grow into an influential fashion and beauty brand and as a Muslim woman–she is shifting culture. From her make-up expertise, to her pastel-colored outfits–she is all the style inspiration you need on your Instagram feed.

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Featured Image by Tim Buol

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