Conde Nast Budgets Cut and is Changing the World of Magazines

This was a rough month for employees at Conde Nast. The giant media company is doing a company-wide cleanse of some of their most seasoned employees. With laying off about 2.5 percent of the workforce and including a budget cut, there is significant change coming to the world of magazines.

Conde Nast is the owners of Allure, Glamour, GQ, Bon Appetit, W, Architectural Digest, and Teen Vogue. Unfortunately, these magazines that are going to be seeing a shortage of production. Most of these publications publish monthly, and with the budget cut, they’ll go from 12 issues a year to 10 or 11. The more reputable magazines, which tend to have better sales like Vanity Fair, The Wired, Vogue and The New Yorker will not see any change in their publishing frequency. Their final cut will be for Teen Vogue. The company has decided to stop publishing the print version of the magazine, but with hopes of still releasing special print editions reports the Times. Conde Nast doesn’t want to stop production on everything Teen Vogue, but consumers will no longer be able to purchase the magazine in stores.

The New York Times states “The changes reflect Conde Nast’s ongoing shift away from print as it makes itself leaner and more digitally oriented.” Conde Nast isn’t the only platform going digital so is the rest of journalism. Many if not all news networks have an active online presence, and work hard to maintain both print and online versions. There is a public opinion that is popular today that “journalism is dying,” when that statement in its entirety is false. Matter of fact journalism is thriving in every way possible through digital platforms.  Instagram, Youtube and blogs are formats in which journalism is kept alive. On all three platforms, you can always find a mixture of news and its many formats. Print is yet to become obsolete, but this could change in just a few years time, but there will always be a need for news and reporting. Journalism is simply advancing.

Are you a loyal subscriber to Teen Vogue and sad to see it go? Is Conde Nast making smart moves with these budget cuts? Let us know in the comments below! More fashion news.

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