Because if anything, Black women deserve happiness and luxury too! This #BlackWomenInLuxury features women living their best abundant lives, with no questions asked.

Black Joy

It’s a Saturday afternoon, the sun is smiling upon everyone and I’m on the dreamiest boat ride costing Lake Como. My crown consists of knotless braids, long enough to not only sit on, but also to sway as I stride through the day. I have on red nails and gold jewelry to compliment my rich brown skin. And of course, I’m donned in the Lola Gown from Hanifa’s recent Capsule 3 Collection. You’ll most likely see me bringing life to your for you page on TikTok, with the hashtag #BlackGirlInLuxury in my caption. 

#BlackWomenInLuxury is one of the many hashtags that is currently taking over TikTok by a storm. Black women have created a safe space for them to unapologetically live their luxurious lifestyles too!

When I say luxury, I’m not only referring to the material things. It’s about stepping into the Black wealth and Black love that we are deserving of. Whether that be catching flights, spa days, apartments tours, new business launches, styling outifts, day in the life vlogs, yachts or travel aesthetics. Every time I watch these #BlackWomenInLuxury TikTok’s, the message I receive is to greet the abundance that lies within you. And that’s the beautiful part about this hashtag, women from all over the world are defining, validating and embracing what joy means and looks like to them. 

Growing up, I remember being taught about the horrifying traumas that my ancestors went through, from people who could never even channel my ancestors trauma. I was taught and experienced that my culture was “less than” from a society that mimics everything that I come from and stand for. That my descendants are slaves, and to this day, the progress of my people still never overpowers the struggle that they lived and continue to live through. There was a long point in time when Black people didn’t have the opportunities to create the successful, complex and adventurous lifestyle they aspired to live, it merely stayed a dream. So yes, I will always give a round of applause to these women that are basking in the luxury that is finally within reach. 

This hashtag is about more than the media’s narrative to paint Black women out to be “The Angry Balck Woman” or “The Struggling Single Mother”. Black women are more than trauma, stress, and chaos, and deserve to be depicted as such, even if that means getting in front of the camera for a 15-30 second TikTok. Yes, we struggle just like every other human in this world does, but the difference is, we embrace it and allow our dark times to lead us to the light. Personally I don’t need to see anymore images or films that show the colorism, sexism, and dehumanization that my people went and continuously go through. My ancestors are divine evidence of power and perseverance; my sole existence centuries later is living proof of that.

Despite Black joy being deemed as a weapon, these women, including myself, are women that constantly embrace growth and wellness. This hashtag allows Black women to remove limits that are placed on us. If anything, the calm and inspirational movement is about reclaiming peace. #BlackWomenInLuxury is a lane full of Black women thriving in an environment where they don’t have to be stressed out or worried, and self-love is prioritized at a high. Their demeanor radiates and exudes nothing less than confidence.

I have to say, Black women normalizing luxury in their lives is truly a sight to see, but also an honor because I get to partake!

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